Friday, 9 January 2009



Adopted by the Third General Assembly on …/…/2009 in Tel Aviv


I. The Diplomatic Association Tel Aviv, hereafter also referred to as DATA, shall be exclusively a non-profit professional organization.

II. The Diplomatic Association Tel Aviv shall have as its main objective to advance professional goals by means of enhancing, supporting and strengthening the network of contacts between members of the diplomatic community primarily through organizing meetings and events with local and state institutions, political establishments and other local bodies as well as through hosting social events for diplomats, their families and friends of the Association.

III. The General Assembly of DATA shall consist of all members of the Association and shall meet at least twice a year to review the progress of the Association and to hold elections for Governance Board of DATA.

IV. The Governance Board shall be composed of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, four Board members at large and one auditor.


V. Accredited diplomats with a rank not higher than Minister Plenipotentiary shall be automatically eligible to become members of DATA provided that they have served in Tel Aviv for at least three months before joining DATA.

VI. To ensure and promote equal representation DATA shall actively seek to attract members from all diplomatic missions represented in Tel Aviv without any prejudice.

VII. Non-accredited officers such as tourism and commercial representatives will also be able to join upon approval of the Board. Furthermore, other individuals and bodies, who are not part of the diplomatic community, but who work to further and promote the goals of the organization, are eligible to become associates and honorary members of DATA.

VIII. Membership is on a yearly basis and is renewed each year.

IX. A system of dues collection, namely a membership fee, is established solely for the purpose of aiding the hosting of events advancing the aims of DATA. Members, arriving in the second half of the year, i.e. after the month of March, will pay half of the fee. If the need to recalculate the fee due to unforeseen or force majeure circumstances or arises, this shall be decided by a decision of the Board.

X. If unforeseen or force majeure circumstances require a member to discontinue indefinitely their posting in the first three months after joining, the fee shall be returned upon request to the Board.


XI. Elections shall be held at the end of each current year with the purpose to choose Governance Board.

XII. To ensure transparency voting shall be not be secret and Board members shall be elected with simple majority.

XIII. In uncertain cases or in cases of enough evidence of a rigged election a second round of voting shall be held. If problems persist the Board shall have the right to cancel the elections and reschedule new elections in not more than 30 calendar days.

XIV. The mandate of the Governance Board shall be one year.

XV. Through the composition of the Governance Board DATA shall actively seek to ensure and promote equal representation of all states and continents.

XVI. Only members who have served in Tel Aviv at least six months will be eligible to stand as candidates for the Governance Board.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

National Day of Myanmar

January 4, Independence day

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

DATA wishes all a happy new year.