Friday, 29 August 2008

DATA Profile

The inaugural Assembly meeting to establish DATA (Diplomatic Association Tel Aviv) was held on December 18th 2007. Thirty-seven diplomats from twenty-six countries took part in it and adopted a decision to officially establish a professional non-profit organization focused on the expansion and the strengthening of contacts among diplomats serving in Tel Aviv. The Inaugural Assembly also elected nine diplomats in charge of governance of DATA and three auditors, as follows:

President, Antonis Mandritis, Embassy of Cyprus
Vice-president, Robert G. Lyon, Embassy of USA
Secretary, Ina Stoyanova, Embassy of Bulgaria
Vice-secretary, Juan Manuel Ortin – Embassy of Argentina
Treasurer, Fernando Ferreira da Silva – Embassy of Portugal
Vice-Treasurer, Tsholo Tsheole – Embassy of South Africa
Member at large, Torsak Janpian – Embassy of Thailand
Member at large, Gonzalo Voto Bernales – Embassy of Peru
Member at large, Sameh El-Souefi – Embassy of Egypt
Chief Auditor, John Gregory Kugblenu – Embassy of Ghana
Auditor, W M S Bandara - Embassy of Sri Lanka
Auditor, Laura Elisa Garcia Querol – Embassy of Mexico

Subsequently, following members’ departures from Israel, an interim Board was appointed on July10th 2008:

President, Ina Stoyanova, Embassy of Bulgaria
Vice-president, Fernando Ferreira da Silva, Embassy of Portugal
Vice-secretary, Juan Manuel Ortin, Embassy of Argentina
Vice-treasurer, Tsholo Tsheole, Embassy of South Africa
Member at large, Ignacio Ruiz, Embassy of Colombia
Member at large, Gonzalo Voto Bernales – Embassy of Peru
Member at large, Louisa Varaclas, Embassy of Cyprus

The Association primarily seeks to advance professional goals and enhance contacts among members of the diplomatic community through organizing meetings and events with local and state institutions, political establishments and other local bodies as well as through hosting social events.

Accredited diplomats are automatically eligible to become members. Non-accredited officers such as tourism and commercial representatives will also be able to join. Furthermore, others individuals and bodies, who are not part of the diplomatic community, but who work to further and promote the goals of the organization, are eligible to become associates and honorary members of DATA. Membership is on a yearly basis and is renewed in the month of September each year.

A system of dues collection, namely a membership fee of 300 NIS, was established solely for the purpose of aiding the hosting of events for the diplomatic community. Members, arriving in the second half of the year, i.e. after the month of March, will pay 150 NIS.

Past events include professional trips within Israel, lectures and presentations by distinguished speakers on international, regional and domestic politics issues, organizational meetings to optimize the performance of the Association, as well as many social gatherings for members and guests.

Call for General Assembly

The Diplomatic Association Tel Aviv

September 25th 2008, Thursday, 4.30 pm

Venue: TBA

The purpose of the meeting will be to elect a new Board!

All registered members for 2008/2009 year are entitled to vote and to run for a position in the Board. Candidatures shall be submitted by e-mail to and shall include full name, diplomatic position, Embassy/Mission, e-mail address, and a declaration of the member’s will to serve DATA at the board. The names of all candidates will be made public on September 19th 2008 at this website.

Strict timing will be enforced so members who come after the start of the proceedings will not be able to cast their vote!

To confirm your attendance, please contact:

Ina Stoyanova, DATA President, Embassy of Bulgaria (054-764 00 83)

Fernando Ferreira da Silva, DATA Vice-President,
Embassy of Portugal (054-739 49 59)

Call for membership renewal and for new members

DATA - Diplomatic Association Tel Aviv has the pleasure to inform that it has started accepting new members and renewing the membership of existing members for the year 2008/2009, in the period September 1st - September 15th 2009.

The membership fee for the upcoming 12 months will be 300 NIS.

The fee can be paid in cash to DATA's treasurer, Ms. Tsolo Tsheole (Embassy of South Africa). Members are kindly requested to send the fee to Ms. Tsolo Tsehole (either personally or via messenger) until 15 September.

New members are also requested to register and pay the membership fee. Registration shall be completed by sending members’ details: full name, diplomatic position, Embassy/Mission, and e-mail address to

Another option to register and meet with the current leadership of the association will be in person on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at Bar Gyora Cafe (at the corner of 4 Bar Gyora & 64 Dizenghof St, Tel Aviv) from 17.00 to 19.00h.

Additional relevant details will be available in following posts.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

National Day of Moldova

August 27

Monday, 25 August 2008


Data has received information on a website that might be useful for some of its members:


..."Many of the expatriates will agree on this: to come for work to a country is not an easy thing. Not only because we have to accommodate to a new culture, but mainly because we have to learn everything from the beginning and create a new address book"...

National Day of Uruguay

August 25, Independence Day

Sunday, 24 August 2008

National Day of Ukraine

August 24, Independence Day

Sunday, 17 August 2008

National Day of Gabon

August 17

Friday, 15 August 2008

National Day of Korea

August 15

National Day of the Republic of Congo

August 15

Monday, 11 August 2008


DATA has the pleasure to extend to all members and associates an invitation to celebrate Summer and enjoy the Mediterranean Sunset on Sunday, August 17 , 2008, between 18.00 – 20.00.

Meeting venue: Herzlyia Marina, at 17.45 - Deck E (next to Bleeker Bar & Dinner).

You're invited to bring soft drinks, beer, wine and even some food and fruit, to be shared among us while sailing.

For additional information, please check out the following website

To confirm your attendance, please contact:

Ina Stoyanova, DATA, President, Embassy of Bulgaria, (054 764 00 83)

Fernando Ferreira da Silva, DATA, Vice-President, Embassy of Portugal (054 739 49 59)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

National Day of Ecuador

August 10

Thursday, 7 August 2008

National Day of Côte d'Ivoire

August 7

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

National Day of Bolivia

August 6, Independence Day

Friday, 1 August 2008

National Day of Switzerland

August 1